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Broadband now available with Microbitz

Broadband Internet is now available in Wells.

ADSL Broadband is a new way of connection to the Internet which is high-speed, always-on and doesn't tie-up your phone line.

Microbitz are pleased to offer the following Single PC Broadband package for connection to a single PC at home or office. If you have a network and would like a Broadband connection, please contact us to discuss the options.

Single PC Broadband package

ADSL Broadband uses a new high-speed modem to connect your computer to the Internet. This connects to your PC via USB, and you will need one of these.

* USB ADSL Modem with 1 Micro filter - 50.00

BT make a one off charge to 'activate' Broadband on your telephone line, this will be needed.

* Broadband Line Activation - One off charge - 65.00

As with all Broadband Internet providers there is a monthly fee. This allows unlimited, fast access day or night.

* Monthly Charge of only 27.99


You can install ADSL Broadband yourself, but we have had a lot of interest expressed in an on-site installation package. This package involves us visiting your home or office and setting up your PC with Broadband.
Please note, this service is only avaliable to people connecting through the Wells telephone exchange.

* On-Site Installation and Configuration 39.00

Why choose MBZonline Broadband?

* Microbitz is a local company which can provide dedicated local support

* Your Broadband equipment will have a local warranty. Should you get any problems, just bring it back to us

* Our on-site installations are completed by our own local engineers

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